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Alright everyone, the event is less than 2 weeks away!  I hope you are as excited as we are (we have already proclaimed the event a success, as you can read about in our previous post).  All jokes aside, the we (the organizers) are very, very happy with the amount of tickets that were registered and are looking forward to the event.  We cant wait to meet you all and enjoy some great apps, drinks & spatial discussion with you.  Without further ado, on to the schedule.

For the social (media) butterfilies

Please use twitter hashtag #isnoco and 4square check in at “Rio Grande – Agave Room” .  Hopefully we can get the “Swarm” badge!

4-430 pm: Doors, drinks, apps

430-450 pm: A Geospatial contest (we were going to make it “draw the best free hand map of the lower 48, but we all know no one is better than esteemed US Senator Al Franken) So, be prepared for something even more challenging & fun

450-500 pm: Map Gallery – Because we are geo-nerds, we would like you all to mark where you’re from on the map in some way.

500-515 pm: Break – Announcements & Sponsor Appreciation

515-600 pm: Presentations

Kas Osterbuhr –  GIS in 3-D AviationAccident Reconstruction

Mark Newby –  GIS Collaboration via Community Web Application

Gretchen Peterson –  Mapping: Please Dont Do this….

Heather Paskevic – Place Based Decision Making

Jason Kord – Economic Viability of Aquifers via Model Builder

Peter Batty – Location and the Internet of Things

Nick Armstrong – TweetSniffing: I just Geo-located my way to your mom’s house

600-610 pm : Break Announcements & Acknowledgements

Matt Seitz – Geo-web Application for Elevation Determination

David Vaillancourt – The Geographic Approach & Spatial Thinking

Glen Rhea – GIS in Disaster Events & Server Uptime

Michael Hinke – Server-side Analysis & Visualization

Dawn Betz – The Power of Digital Globe Constellation

Shane Michael – Time Lapse Development using ArcMap & Windows Movie Maker

Jeremiah Lindermann – ArcGis.com, Community Base Map & Free ESRI Services

645-655 pm : Map Gallery Results, Raffle Results & Door Prizes!

655-700 pm : Drinks & Goodbyes

For all you presenters, this is just a list, and not the final order of presentations, just a list of presenters and topics!

We hope you are as excited as we are, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.


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