Ignite Spatial NoCo #1 – in the books!!

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well our first event is complete and in the books!  Can’t say it went off without a hitch…ie killing the power in the room for 20 mins…but all in all it was a great evening!  Thank you to all of you that attended.  It wouldn’t have been a success without you there.  In the end we had close to 190 people show up and over 60 people watching live from around the world via our live stream.  We have been sending out surveys to those that attended the event to get some suggestions and feed back for our next one.  Please feel free to comment on our blog with ideas.  We’ll be happy to take those into consideration for Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0.  If you are interested in reliving the event or if you didn’t make it and wanted to watch the fun, below are the links to the media relating to the evenings festivities.

A big THANK YOU! To all of our sponsors.  Your generous support was what made this all possible.  And if you happen to work with one of these companies please express your thanks as well.

Presentation Sponsors:

Woolpert, ESRI,  CityWorks, Digital Globe, TechniGraphics & the City of Loveland

Associate Sponsors:

PetersonGIS, Cary & Associates, GeoFeminina, CartoPac Field Solutions, GeoXMF, Production Engineering, City of Greeley, i-cubed and Clear Path Labs

Mini & Micro Sponsors:

Abra Fowler, Mara Kali, Angle Kwaitkowski, Jonathan Lang, Sophia Linn, Steve Ruge, Don Meltz, Kate Chapmann, & Kas Osterbuhr

Thank You to our presenters! 15 great presentations related to the geo-spatial industry.  Watch them again below

Media of the event!

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FC73326E28B14F78

UStream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ignite-spatial-noco

& Pics: http://blog.gisuser.com/?p=6834

Watch our blog for more information about Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 coming soon!!!


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