Ignite Spatial Northern Colorado is a Spatially themed Ignite Event in Northern Colorado.

How does Ignite Spatial Northern Colorado Work?

Ignite Spatial is an information exchange for the Northern Colorado (and beyond) Geographic/Geo-spatial Community.  We get together to meet other people involved in anything Geo-spatial in some way, share information and new technologies/trends in the industry.

What’s the format for Ignite Spatial?

Ignite Spatial follows the standard Ignite format.  We will have 12-16 presentations at each event.  Each presentor gets 20 slides, and will talk for just 5 minutes.    We take topics on anything geographically related or geo-themed.  We know it’s a big category, but if you would love to give a talk, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where can I get tickets?

We expect our events to sell out, so we have chosen to issue tickets.  Don’t worry though, they are free!  You can get your tickets to the event at ignitespatial dot eventbrite dot com about 6 weeks before the event.

What do I do after its over?

If you had a great time at Ignite Spatial, we’d love for you to consider helping us out by doing one of the following things:

  • Submit a Talk for next time – This event wouldn’t be anything without your participation.  So if you’d like to get a soapbox and talk about your Geo-related passion, we would love to hear your idea!
  • Tell your friends – This can be verbally, through various social media outlets (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc) or sharing some of your favorite presentations with friends & co-workers.  (We load them all on Youtube)
  • Upload some of your pictures to flick’r or email them to us to put on our picasa web account.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for information about the next Ignite Spatial

Why we host Ignite Spatial:

We host ignite spatial to connect people from the Northern Colorado (and beyond) Geo-community in a fun and educational way.  We hope that you are able to make new personal and professional connections, have fun, and go into the office the next morning with some great, geeky new uses for Geography and GIS to impress your colleagues with.


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