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Need a Map??

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, since we all are in the ‘Mapping’ industry I wasn’t sure if anyone would really need a map to the event.  But just in case, here you go.

Click on Pax for a Map

Detailed View of Austin’s Homestead 

 See you in one month!  Only 40 free tickets left, so get yours today!!


We have added an event flyer to make it easier for you all to hand out, post, and/or just keep the information you need at your finger tips.   Thanks for the amazing response, in just one day! 

Download Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 Flyer

ISNoCo 2 Event Logo

Save the Date

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If you are on our email list, you’ve already seen this, but if not (if you want to be, contact us as ignitespatialnoco [at] gmail [dot] com) here it is:

Good Morning Everyone!

This is a SAVE THE DATE update for Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0.  We have been digging into our next event and are happy to report that we will be teaming up with the GIS in the Rockies folks.  A little pre-excitement, socializing, geo-musing, and lightning talks prior to the conference.  Thanks again for all your feedback from our last event!  We are implementing as many of your suggestions as possible.  Still working on the live band :o) So here are the details thus far:

Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0

Date: Sept 14th, 2010 – Tuesday evening prior to GIS in the Rockies

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Location: TBA (somewhere fantastic, of course)

Tickets: On Sale August 2nd

So if you are coming up to GITR, please plan to join us the evening before for more geo-fun!

More details soon on presentation submissions and sponsorship opportunities, but as always you can follow the latest info on Twitter: @ignitespatial

Please feel free to pass this along to others that may be interested in the event.


Your Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 team!

Well our first event is complete and in the books!  Can’t say it went off without a hitch…ie killing the power in the room for 20 mins…but all in all it was a great evening!  Thank you to all of you that attended.  It wouldn’t have been a success without you there.  In the end we had close to 190 people show up and over 60 people watching live from around the world via our live stream.  We have been sending out surveys to those that attended the event to get some suggestions and feed back for our next one.  Please feel free to comment on our blog with ideas.  We’ll be happy to take those into consideration for Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0.  If you are interested in reliving the event or if you didn’t make it and wanted to watch the fun, below are the links to the media relating to the evenings festivities.

A big THANK YOU! To all of our sponsors.  Your generous support was what made this all possible.  And if you happen to work with one of these companies please express your thanks as well.

Presentation Sponsors:

Woolpert, ESRI,  CityWorks, Digital Globe, TechniGraphics & the City of Loveland

Associate Sponsors:

PetersonGIS, Cary & Associates, GeoFeminina, CartoPac Field Solutions, GeoXMF, Production Engineering, City of Greeley, i-cubed and Clear Path Labs

Mini & Micro Sponsors:

Abra Fowler, Mara Kali, Angle Kwaitkowski, Jonathan Lang, Sophia Linn, Steve Ruge, Don Meltz, Kate Chapmann, & Kas Osterbuhr

Thank You to our presenters! 15 great presentations related to the geo-spatial industry.  Watch them again below

Media of the event!



& Pics:

Watch our blog for more information about Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 coming soon!!!

Special Guest

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We broke the news earlier on twitter, but figured we should blog about it as well.

We have gotten a super awesome guest speaker for the event. So, there will be an additional talk after break but we promise it will be worth it.

So, aside from being just over a week away, we got you all a big name guest speaker to be excited about.

Have fun and we look forward to meeting you all next week!

Thank you all again!  The response has been amazing for our first event and it’s less than 2 weeks away!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t accommodate everyone that wanted to attend.  So to assure that you make it in for our next event we are organizing a mailing list.  If you have tickets for the current event or are a sponsor we have your contact information.  But if you are one of those folks that wanted to attend but didn’t get a chance to register for a ticket before they sold out, please send us your e-mail information.  We will add you to our mailing list for the next event.

This will assure that you are notified about the dates and details for Ignite Spatial NoCo #2.  Of course we will blitz Twitter, LinkedIn and the GISCO boards prior to #2, so you’ll be sure to see it.

Send your information to


Event Speakers and Topics

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Alright everyone, the event is less than 2 weeks away!  I hope you are as excited as we are (we have already proclaimed the event a success, as you can read about in our previous post).  All jokes aside, the we (the organizers) are very, very happy with the amount of tickets that were registered and are looking forward to the event.  We cant wait to meet you all and enjoy some great apps, drinks & spatial discussion with you.  Without further ado, on to the schedule.

For the social (media) butterfilies

Please use twitter hashtag #isnoco and 4square check in at “Rio Grande – Agave Room” .  Hopefully we can get the “Swarm” badge!

4-430 pm: Doors, drinks, apps

430-450 pm: A Geospatial contest (we were going to make it “draw the best free hand map of the lower 48, but we all know no one is better than esteemed US Senator Al Franken) So, be prepared for something even more challenging & fun

450-500 pm: Map Gallery – Because we are geo-nerds, we would like you all to mark where you’re from on the map in some way.

500-515 pm: Break – Announcements & Sponsor Appreciation

515-600 pm: Presentations

Kas Osterbuhr –  GIS in 3-D AviationAccident Reconstruction

Mark Newby –  GIS Collaboration via Community Web Application

Gretchen Peterson –  Mapping: Please Dont Do this….

Heather Paskevic – Place Based Decision Making

Jason Kord – Economic Viability of Aquifers via Model Builder

Peter Batty – Location and the Internet of Things

Nick Armstrong – TweetSniffing: I just Geo-located my way to your mom’s house

600-610 pm : Break Announcements & Acknowledgements

Matt Seitz – Geo-web Application for Elevation Determination

David Vaillancourt – The Geographic Approach & Spatial Thinking

Glen Rhea – GIS in Disaster Events & Server Uptime

Michael Hinke – Server-side Analysis & Visualization

Dawn Betz – The Power of Digital Globe Constellation

Shane Michael – Time Lapse Development using ArcMap & Windows Movie Maker

Jeremiah Lindermann –, Community Base Map & Free ESRI Services

645-655 pm : Map Gallery Results, Raffle Results & Door Prizes!

655-700 pm : Drinks & Goodbyes

For all you presenters, this is just a list, and not the final order of presentations, just a list of presenters and topics!

We hope you are as excited as we are, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.