Ignite Spatial NoCo 2 – In the Books!

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Well, after a week of recovery we can look back at the geosocial extravaganza.  A huge Thank You, to everyone that attended, presented, sponsored, and helped to bring the event together.  We could not have done it with out you!!!  By all accounts it was successful event for the geo-spatial community!  Just about 200 people attended in person and a dozen or so others watched online.

We’d love your feedback, so if you haven’t had a chance yet feel free to complete our short survey at:  Survey

Your feedback is important, since we base our events on suggestions you all give us.  And yes, we’ll have a working microphone for next time.   Now for some media!

PaxMovie Camera

The presentations were great, with some amazing content.  Thanks to Glenn Letham for all the wonderful pictures and videos of the event
You can view all the presentations again here as well as some pictures from the other activities: Pictures and Video

We should have some video from the contest and other misc activities later this week.  Thanks again to everyone!  #3?  Details in 1st quarter of 2011.

Pax has left the building!  See you all for #3


Agenda Released!

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The Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 Agenda

I know you have been waiting and wondering, well its here!!! 


Pax shades
Enlightenment so bright Pax need shades










 Sept 14th, 2010

@ 6pm – GeoSocial Extravaganza  (Drinks, Apps, geoglobaldomination & geomusings)

@ 7pm – GeoContest (Bring your game face for Al’s Got Nothin’ On Me)

@ 7:45pm – Intro & Thank You’s

 @ 8pm – Presentations – Set 1

Ryan Smith: ESC Engineering Using GIS Roads & Facilities for GPS Vehicle  Navigation

Shannon Smith: City of LovelandNo More Paper: Going from Paper Intensive Service Request System to Electronic Submissions

Brian Timoney: The Timoney GroupLife Lessons from History’s Great Cartographers

Jason Channin: EsriGIS in Gov 2.0

David Cole: MapQuest MapQuest and OpenStreetMap

Kas Osterbuhr: K3 Resources Leveraging Timestamp in KML in Google Earth & ArcExplorer 

Kate Chapman: FortiusOne – Spatial/Temporal Analysis for More Insightful Mobile Applications Analysis

@ 8:45pm – 9pm Break – Refills on geoglobaldomination & Thank You’s

@ 9pm – Presentation Set 2

Bryan Franey: Esri Intelligent Maps

Nick Armstrong: Digital Gunslinger – Using GIS to Get Away with Murder

Peter Batty: Ubisense Don’t Make Me Think

Matt Ball: Vector 1 Media U-city Can Become Our City: How this Korean Concept will Shape the Future of Urban Geospatial Practice

Mano Marks: Google Bringing GIS, Not Just Maps, to the Masses

David Bryson: Esri The Geography of Business

@ 9:50pm – 10:00pm – Goodbyes, Thank You’s & Planning for 2011

 It should be an amazing evening and we look forward to seeing you all there.  Thank you again to all our sponsors and to all our presenters!  Cheers!

Get one of the last few tickets here: Ignite Spatial NoCo Tickets











Need a Map??

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Well, since we all are in the ‘Mapping’ industry I wasn’t sure if anyone would really need a map to the event.  But just in case, here you go.

Click on Pax for a Map

Detailed View of Austin’s Homestead 

 See you in one month!  Only 40 free tickets left, so get yours today!!

I wanted to post a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that makes the Ignite Spatial NoCo events possible.  Never seems like we have enough time at the event to make sure we give all the credit that is due to you.  To all our sponsors, both large and small: THANK YOU! 


Humble Pax

 Global Sponsors: 

esri logo














Hemispheric Sponsors: 






Equatorial Sponsors: 

  • Forge Apps
  • CartoPac Field Solutions
  • ESC Engineering
  • TechniGraphics Inc
  • Telvent
  • CompassTools Inc
  • Azteca Systems Cityworks

Provincial Sponsors: 

@Geofeminina, Ferguson-Jenkins & Associates, PetersonGIS, Jencarta, OGC, City of Greeley, Cary & Associates

Neighborhood & Barstool: 

Very much appreciated!  

Our Venue & Tickets ~ Couldn’t put this together without a great place to enjoy the evening.  Even prior to having the event, Austin’s has been great to work with and has always met our needs.  Thanks Paul!  And again thanks to Eventbrite for handling our management of tickets for these things.  I highly recommend the site if you have an event. 

Our Attendees ~ Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a party without all of you.  Thank you for your overwhelming support and all the great submissions for talks.  We are still taking them, so keep them coming!!  It has really blown us away that we can get well over 200 geo-professional to come out to socialize, talk shop, and have some fun….Even on a work night. 

Our Planning Team ~  Amazingly dedicated group to donate their time and effort to make sure these events come together perfectly down to the last detail.  A very humbled thank you for all your hard work and support.  Give them a pat on the back when you run into one of them at the event. 

So again a BIG THANK YOU to all!  A few tickets left and again keep those talk submissions coming in.  See you all Sept 14th! 

Pax says Thanks!

Well, now that you’ve heard about the Ignite Spatial Northern Colorado (NoCo) 2.0 event, you may be thinking “This sounds amazing! How can I present my own geo-geekery?!”  To share your own geo-enlightenment and add to the geo spatial global consciousness, follow our geo-zen path below.

First, head over here for the application to present.  It’s a simple form, asking for a bit about you and your work, the topic you would like to enlighten us with, and some contact information.  Now it’s our turn.  The Ignite Spatial Planning Committee will get together and pick out the best 14 talks of the submissions.

Then the fun starts.  We will provide you a PowerPoint template to work from.   Remember, the tag line is “Enlighten us, but make it quick”.  You have the power to teach us about something spatial, have fun with it!  Blow our geo-minds with your 5 minutes.



  • Make it fun!
  • Keep it clean-ish and respectful
  • Please, no self promotion or sales pitch
  • Each slide will auto advance every 15 secs and you get 20 of them

We want you to have a great experience, be enlightened by others, enjoy the geo-event and just as important, look forward to the next Ignite Spatial NoCo event.  Still feeling zen?

Here are a few resources you can use to help with the design of your presentation and keep it on the right path.

1) How to Give a Great Ignite Talk by Scott at Speaker Confessions

2) Ignite Rules & Tips from the Folks at Ignite Sydney

3) Ignite Spatial NoCo 1 presentations

Now you have all the information you need.  Find your zen and add to the geo spatial global consciousness!  Submit your Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 presentation form today!

We have had a number of questions regarding our new sponsorships opportunities, so here they are.  This information can also be found on the sponsorship form, downloadable here.

 Ignite Spatial NoCo gives you, as a potential sponsor, a unique opportunity to tie your company’s name to one of the hottest events taking over the country and the world. The Ignite presentation style.  We love the concept of short 5 minute talks, to enlighten us as an audience but to make it quick.  To make this even better, our event focuses those talks to our industry, and each speaker must make their talk spatial!  This allows you as a sponsor to really target clients in our industry. The concept has been extremely well received in the Colorado area and we are estimating an attendance for number 2 to be around 250 geospatial professionals.  This does not include the fact that we will again be streaming the evenings events live on the web to potentially hundreds maybe even thousands more. 

 So this time around we have 4 major and 2 minor sponsorship levels.  The newest feature is that every sponsorship level includes tickets to the event, right down to the Barstool Sponsor. 

Barstool Sponsor

Pax is a Barstool Sponsor!

 Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Major:
    • Global Sponsor – $600.00
    • Hemispheric Sponsor – $400
    • Equatorial Sponsor – $200
    • Provincial Sponsor – $100
  • Minor:
    • Neighborhood Sponsor – $10
    • Barstool Sponsor – $5

So what do you get as a proud sponsor of Ignite Spatial NoCo?  Our group’s undying gratitude of course!  But specifically here is a list of the perks per sponsorship level;

 Global Sponsors: $600 investment

  • Logo on Powerpoint slide during mingling hour, at break, and after presentations
  • Four tickets and reserved prime seats
  • Eight drink tickets
  • Sponsor name badgeLogo on Twitter background, Ignite Spatial NoCo blog, & noted on UStream
  • Logo on signage in the event
  • Table to put your brochure/business cards on
  • Opportunity to be associated with a new, hot activity sweeping the globe
  • Perceived as a mover/shaker/thought leader
  • Thousands of eyeballs with social media peeps, geeks, designers, arts folks, cool peeps (in addition to the people in attendance at the event)
  • Thank you announcement at the venue
  • Only sponsors promoted in press release
  • Specific thank you announcement on Twitter, GISCO listserv & with media sponsors
  • Your vinyl sign posted in the venue 

 Hemispheric Sponsors: $400 Investment

  • Logo on Powerpoint slide during mingling hour, at break, and after presentations
  • Two tickets and reserved prime seats
  • Four drink tickets · Sponsor name badge
  • Logo and sponsorship on Twitter background and on Ignite Spatial NoCo blog
  • Logo on signage in the event
  • Table to put your brochure/business cards on
  • Opportunity to be associated with a new, hot activity sweeping the globe
  • Perceived as a mover/shaker/thought leader
  • Thousands of eyeballs with social media peeps, geeks, designers, arts folks, cool peeps (in addition to the people in attendance at the event)
  • Specific thank you announcement on Twitter
  • Your vinyl sign posted in the venue

Equatorial Sponsors: $200 Investment

  • Logo on Powerpoint slide during mingling hour, at break, and after presentations
  • Shared table to put your brochure/business cards on
  • Two tickets for the event
  • Four drink tickets
  • Sponsor name badge
  • Noted by name on Twitter page and on Ignite Spatial NoCo blog
  • Opportunity to be associated with a new, hot activity sweeping the globe
  • Perceived as a mover, shaker, thought leader in front of almost 300 social media peeps, geeks, designers, arts folks, cool peeps.
  • Thank you announcement at the venue

Provincial Sponsors: $100 Investment

  • Company name on Powerpoint slide during mingling hour, at break, and after presentations
  • Two tickets for the event
  • Sponsor name badge
  • Opportunity to be associated with a new, hot activity sweeping the globe
  • Perceived as a mover, shaker, thought leader in front of almost 300 social media peeps, geeks, designers, arts folks, cool peeps.
  • Thank you announcement at the venue   

Neighborhood Sponsors:  $10 Investment (Purchase via Eventbrite ticket site)

  • Your name on Powerpoint slide during mingling hour, at break and at the end of the event.
  • One ticket to the event
  • Sponsor name badge
  • Opportunity to be associated with a new, hot activity sweeping the globe

Barstool Sponsors:  $5 Investment (Purchase via Eventbrite ticket site)

  • Sponsor name badge
  • One ticket to the event
  • Opportunity to be associated with a new, hot activity sweeping the globe


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and as always thank you very much for your support and interest in the Ignite Spatial NoCo events!  We look forward to seeing all of you there on Sept 14th.



Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 Logo

We have added an event flyer to make it easier for you all to hand out, post, and/or just keep the information you need at your finger tips.   Thanks for the amazing response, in just one day! 

Download Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 Flyer

ISNoCo 2 Event Logo

Hello all!  Well, we are ready to release the details for Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0  Ready??  Set? GeoSocial!

Date: September 14th, 2010 – Tuesday evening, prior to GIS in the Rockies – 6pm – 10pm

Location: Austin’s Homestead at Pelican Lakes – 1600 Pelican Lakes Point, Windsor Colorado  


We have booked yet another great location in northern Colorado for your enjoyment.  Also, as per an overwhelming request from your feedback after Ignite Spatial NoCo 1, we have separated the social area and the presentation area.  It will be easy to mix from one to the other while allowing for better focus on the presentations by the audience. 

Tickets: Will go on sale August 2nd, 2010 at http://ignitespatialnoco2.eventbrite.com/

Presentations: There will be 14 slots for your passion and enlightenment.  Get your submissions in early by completing the following form. Download Submission Form  

If you had five minutes in front of an audience of your peers and leaders in the geospatial industry, what would you say?  How would you blow their minds?  Well now is your chance!!  Ignite Spatial NoCo is a night of enlightening presentations with a geo-spatial twist.  Each presentation has 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds which gives you 5 minutes to be a hero.  Ignite is about ideas.  Ideas can change the world.  Take 5 minutes to add to the ‘Geo Spatial Global Consciousness’.  If you have a passion about the geoglobal community bring it to share. 

Event Location

Pelican Lakes

Again please get your submission in early as we only have 14 slots.  They will go fast!  Make sure you review some examples from other Ignite events to get a good idea on how it works and what makes the most successful Ignite presentation.  A hint – a sales pitch for a product doesn’t go over well.  How you use that product to do amazing, mind blowing things would.  Here is a good site to review: Ignite Talks

Post Card from ISNoCo 1

Sponsorships: We have added a number of new sponsorship levels for this event.  Our Neighborhood and Barstool sponsorships will be available via our ticket site starting on August 2nd.  But if you would like to support this event in a large way and really get your companies name out in front of 250 of the leaders in our industry at the event and thousands more online, please download our Sponsorship Form.  Each sponsorship includes tickets to the event.

Agenda: (Rough outline and ever moving, but you get the idea)

  • @ 6:00 pm – Drinks, Apps and GeoGlobalDomination
  • @ 7:00 pm – Geocontest – We will test your spatially enabled skills
  • @ 8:00 pm – Presentation Set 1 – Enlightenment abounds
  • @ 9:00 pm – Presentation Set 2 – The next level of enlightenment
  • @10:00 pm – Good Bye! – Planning Ignite Spatial NoCo 3 – 2011

Thank you all again for making Ignite Spatial NoCo 1 a great event!  You blew us away, so lets do it again!  Also, thank you for all the feedback you provided.  We have tried to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible to make 2.0 event better than the first.  Please feel free to share, RT, and pass along this information with others in the industry.  It is your attendance that make these events successful.  Feel free to write us with any questions you may have or if there is some clarification you may need.  Hope to see you all there!!

Event Flyer: Download Flyer

Save the Date

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If you are on our email list, you’ve already seen this, but if not (if you want to be, contact us as ignitespatialnoco [at] gmail [dot] com) here it is:

Good Morning Everyone!

This is a SAVE THE DATE update for Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0.  We have been digging into our next event and are happy to report that we will be teaming up with the GIS in the Rockies folks.  A little pre-excitement, socializing, geo-musing, and lightning talks prior to the conference.  Thanks again for all your feedback from our last event!  We are implementing as many of your suggestions as possible.  Still working on the live band :o) So here are the details thus far:

Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0

Date: Sept 14th, 2010 – Tuesday evening prior to GIS in the Rockies

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Location: TBA (somewhere fantastic, of course)

Tickets: On Sale August 2nd

So if you are coming up to GITR, please plan to join us the evening before for more geo-fun!

More details soon on presentation submissions and sponsorship opportunities, but as always you can follow the latest info on Twitter: @ignitespatial

Please feel free to pass this along to others that may be interested in the event.


Your Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 team!

Well our first event is complete and in the books!  Can’t say it went off without a hitch…ie killing the power in the room for 20 mins…but all in all it was a great evening!  Thank you to all of you that attended.  It wouldn’t have been a success without you there.  In the end we had close to 190 people show up and over 60 people watching live from around the world via our live stream.  We have been sending out surveys to those that attended the event to get some suggestions and feed back for our next one.  Please feel free to comment on our blog with ideas.  We’ll be happy to take those into consideration for Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0.  If you are interested in reliving the event or if you didn’t make it and wanted to watch the fun, below are the links to the media relating to the evenings festivities.

A big THANK YOU! To all of our sponsors.  Your generous support was what made this all possible.  And if you happen to work with one of these companies please express your thanks as well.

Presentation Sponsors:

Woolpert, ESRI,  CityWorks, Digital Globe, TechniGraphics & the City of Loveland

Associate Sponsors:

PetersonGIS, Cary & Associates, GeoFeminina, CartoPac Field Solutions, GeoXMF, Production Engineering, City of Greeley, i-cubed and Clear Path Labs

Mini & Micro Sponsors:

Abra Fowler, Mara Kali, Angle Kwaitkowski, Jonathan Lang, Sophia Linn, Steve Ruge, Don Meltz, Kate Chapmann, & Kas Osterbuhr

Thank You to our presenters! 15 great presentations related to the geo-spatial industry.  Watch them again below

Media of the event!

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FC73326E28B14F78

UStream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ignite-spatial-noco

& Pics: http://blog.gisuser.com/?p=6834

Watch our blog for more information about Ignite Spatial NoCo 2.0 coming soon!!!